Day 8, 9, 10 probably my last post

Another update.

Day 8 i still had pain after the toilet, I am day 10 now I can go it still has a 1/10 pain but everything is OK, I can wipe now after and don’t need to jump in the bath afterwards.

I have a follow up next week with the specialist so hopefully it will all be fine.

So to conclude on the operation, i will give the following information:

  1. The first few days after the operation will be extremely painful and difficult
  2. Get strong! painkillers that don’t constipate you
  3. Get very strong laxative stool softner but do not overdo it or you will go all the time
  4. Get pads to wear inside your jocks
  5. Get some sleeping pills if needed
  6. Get numbing cream for your butt after a bowel movement


When you hit nearly 2 weeks it should be all ok, phew! I am glad that is over that was very painful some nights but now i am free of those little basterds.

Good luck to everyone who goes through the same operation!


Day 7

i pretty much slept alll day i woke up, I did go to the toilet it still really hurts after the bowel movement, as long as i jump in a hot bath afterwards it is ok and the pain goes away pretty quick.

I am catching a long plane trip in 2 weeks so it has to be healed and back to normal by then.

I will take some sleeping pills tonight again to get a good sleep.



Day 6 post operation

During the day went well, being a friday night i thought i would congratulate myself with a bottle of white wine for going through this all.

I had one bowel movement around 8:30 I was not on pain killers it is still quite painful and I had to jump in the bath afterwards.

I would rate the after pain at around 6/10, though now after a bath it goes away quicker and then it is gone. In comparison the pain after a bowel movement stayed for around 1 – 2 hours and I would not get out of the bath until i was 100% sure it had stopped.

So at day 6 it is far from normal and I can’t go to the toilet without jumping straight into a hot bath yet, so I am looking forward to having a normal crap.

I still have to wear pads which i look at in the morning and they always have blood on them so things are not back to normal yet.

I am hoping this time next week things will be close to normal.



Day 5 post op

Today i slept pretty much all day, I was up late last night from the pain so I took a sleeping pill. This made me sleep most of the next day.

I had one bowel movement around 7pm. It was ok, still stung a bit afterwards and I was not on painkillers, I would say the pain after was a 2/10.

I have soup and toast for dinner, i had the stool softner, my anti biotics and anti inflamitories.

I have a second bowel movement while still in the bath around 9pm, this is better as you can wash it off straight away and there is no pain afterwards just empty out the bath and start go back in and relax. It is quite dirty but it saves the pain threshold.

Today wa slightly better i would say afterwards it is not so painful, things are feeling a bit better after each bowel movement.

I hope by this time next week on Thursday things will be back to normal. Still not there yet, though overall the pain is not to bad.

So really I had my operation on Friday, so Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 6 days still pain after each bowel movement but around a 4/10 now.

Also farting does not hurt or sting anymore.



Day 4 after the surgery

My anus was sore in the morning from the night before, but i took some painkillers and the day time was ok. I just drank fluids and had soup for an early dinner.

I have one bowel movement around 6pm, was quite small and pain was about a 1 / 10 after, i still jumped straight into the hot bath afterwards which i would recommend doing every single time in the first week.

I have a second bowel movement around 11pm, was larger it was slightly painful afterwards around a 4/10 though I can only judge this based on what i felt.

I think as I am on strong painkillers called endone, which is oxycontin 5mg, my pain gauge is slightly lower. If i did not have these strong pain killers the rating of pain would be higher.

Anyone who gets a hemorrhoidectomy for me which i had 3 large hemorrhoids removed, it would be impossible to get through this without very strong painkillers, I could not imagine what the pain would be like.

So far after day 4 i would say with using the anti inflamitories, pain medication, laxitives and antibiotics, it feels like it is getting a bit better each time after a bowel movement. I will keep this updated until I can go to the toilet without having any pain afterwards.

After the absolute horror reviews and pain stories i read online for hemorrhoidectomy recovery, after going through this myself it is extremely bad the first 3 days though it slightly gets better, so just stay positive, put up with the pain and it will heal.


Day 3 after operation

I woke up in the morning and was still very uncomfortable.

The pain killers had worn off and I had to go to the doctors straight away to get medication to help relieve these symptoms.

I went to the doctors and told them of the horrific story of pain from the night before. The current meidcation I was on included:

  • coloxyl and senna
  • Panadiene fort (makes you constipated = very bad)
  • anti biotics
  • movicol

This combination did not work, the panadiene fort made you constipated = extreme pain, and the coloxyl and senna did not work as a pool softner. After seeing the doctor I was given the following:

  • Scheriproct suppository
  • endone painkillers (morphine based and not codeine based so less constipation)
  • Diclofenac
  • Movicol
  • Restivit (for sleeping)
  • Actilax Syrup 500ml (very strong laxative highly recommended!)

I have taken the painkillers so I can be at ease now, I will not go to toilet today if I can help it and will drink as much actilax as possible. I would say I am scared to go to the toilet tomorrow though it can only get better from here as it heals.

I am only drinking liquids and no hard solid foods, along with v8 vegetable juice for healing.

It is best to still have one or 2 baths a day and keep your bleeding pads clean and change them twice as day as you will still be bleeding.

You will have spend around 100 – 200 on perscription medication but it is worth it to reduce the pain.


Had the second bowel movement, the stool was soft, it was such a relief, minimal pain afterwards but still pain and had to hop in the bath.

Soft stool is the major factor in getting through this. If anyone is reading this you essentially need:

  • endone painkillers (morphine based and not codeine based so less constipation)
  • Diclofenac (anti inflamitory)
  • Movicol (stool softner)
  • Actilax Syrup 500ml (very strong laxative highly recommended!)

The stool softner is essential in reducing pain so make sure you take more then recommended to be sure.


I ended up taking around 4 – 5 30ml drinks of Actilax Syrup. Very Very bad decision, this was only due to the fact I was so scared of having hardened stools as from the pain of the night before.

This time due to drinking to much Actilax Syrup i could not stop going to the toilet even though it was soft and runny I had to lay in the bath for 4 – 5 hours and could not stop going, this was excruciating pain!! Even after 3 – 4 pills of pain killers it did not stop the pain, this was just as bad or near worse from the night before.

If you get or use Actilax Syrup, make sure you only have 1 30ml drink around lunch time if you are eating, it is very strong and will make you go to the toilet, but do not over do it, as I learnt my lesson the hard way.



Day 2 bowel movement

The start of the day was not to bad in relation to pain, I took some endone and other pain killers so there was not much pain during the day.

Around 10pm I had to urinate then new I had to also go for a bowel movement as well, so I though i would do it which i was there. Something inside said don’t do it but i did. It does not hurt at first, after i looked down the toilet bowel was filled with blood.

After about 1 minute of finishing the pain kicks it, I ran straight for the bath tub, I did not get out for around 1 hours. Very painful, I will not go to the toilet tomorrow, I need it to heal a bit more that was extremely painful afterwards and I had run out of pain killers.

I have used to lignocaine gel which you rub on the area which is supposed to reduce the pain, though i have not noticed much difference. The only thing that relieves the pain is sitting in a bath tub.

I have taken some sleeping tablets to help me go to bed, I would rate the pain now at 11:12pm at around a 7 / 10.

I can”t wait for this to heal so I can get back to normal.


Had to go for a bowel movement again around 11:30, after I had finished the bowl was filled with blood, instantly after it was done extreme pain set in, by this time I had also run out of painkillers.

I jumped straight into the bathtub, the pain was extreme! for around 10 minutes of constant agony, then it slowly died down. This would have to be the efficacy of my pain limit from this operation, that would be the benchmark of pain and I hope not to have to go through that again.

The sleeping tablets kicked in and I fell asleep luckily and even though due to the pain, if you can get some sleeping pills like restavit or something similar.



Day 1 hemorrhoidectomy recovery D-DAY

I woke up in the morning and felt good, the pain killers had worn off and things did not seem so bad.

I was given an assortment of medications these included:

  • Antibiotics to be taken everyday for 7 days
  • Stool softners to soften your poo due to constipation from painkillers
  • Pain killers panadeine forte 500mg paracetamol / 30mg codeine

I would suggest taking the stool softners straight away along with any drink like metamucil or movacol, these are needed as you do not want your a giant constipated bowel movement for your first time going to the toilet.

Suggested food to eat for a week:

  • High fibre V8 Juice vegetables only this will help you heal faster (if you juice your own veggies A+++)
  • Light meals not processed food if you can help it
  • Lots of water and metamucil / movicol


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Pre operation the day before hemorrhoidectomy in Hospital

So it is the day before surgery. You will have to fast for 24 hours before operation. You will be put into hospital from which you will be prepared for a general anesthetic and the operation will take between 1 – 2 hours.

When waiting in hospital you will have to have a enema the nurse will put some liquid in your anus and you will have to crap out all of what is inside there ready for surgery.

Once you are wheeled in you will be given the general anesthetic and this is where the work from the surgeon will be done.

Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoid Surgery

After you recover from the Hemorrhoidectomy you will wake up in surgery. They will give you many painkillers like morphine and endone. From my experience I had to stay over one night, I was so high on drugs I could not really feel any pain while in hospital, though you could still feel the discomfort. I had not had a bowel movement yet and this is what i most dreaded.

I was discharged from hospital after 1 night and sent home with minor pain killers.

You will have to wear padding in your underpants and there will be much blood leaking, you will have to change your pad twice a day to keep clean, I highly suggest having a bath when you get home. At this stage as long as you do not go to the toilet and keep your drug pain killer intake continuous you will not feel much pain but you may feel very sick, as I did and threw up twice.

From my experience I came home had something to eat then tried to go to sleep.


Finding a Colorectal surgeon for hemorrhoid removal in Hospital

Finding the best way to remove the your hemorrhoids is usually based on a few variable factors:

  • Price and if you have health cover
  • Pain and discomfort pre op and during recovery
  • The reviews you read online from people who had it done previously
  • If you have the service available near you
  • Your pain tolerance and level of fear
  • How dedicated you are to removing them as a priority
hemorrhoid surgeon


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